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We are the infrastructure keeper!
Protect your favorite hometown.
Let's make a company necessary for our hometown together.


All of our lives are supported by infrastructure.
In some countries, the infrastructure was underdeveloped, and while the fish caught in the sea were being carried, they rotted and only about 30% were sold. Due to the poor yield, I was hit cheaply and didn't get the money I originally got.
If you don't have a road, think if you don't have a bridge ...
By moving, people become more active, their economies develop, and they can live a lively life. On the contrary, if it is inconvenient to move, it is difficult to meet people.
If you want to make your life more convenient and maintain your life, you need to improve and maintain your infrastructure. If it is more inconvenient than it is now, it is more likely that the population will decline and the hometown will disappear.
Also, whether or not the patient transported by ambulance will be saved or not, this is also a battle of one minute and one second.
The mission of us infrastructure keepers is great.

The climate changes. it rains. The mountain collapses.
Protect your hometown.

Due to climate change, the weather has changed from 10 years ago.
"Heat stroke hot day" This is a meteorological term added in 2007. "Record short-time heavy rain", "heavy rain special warning" ... It is relatively recent that we often hear such words.
A record heavy rain in a place where there was no heavy rain will always be a disaster. Since disaster countermeasures are taken based on the data so far, it will always be a disaster if the weather is not in the data.
The number of daily traffic on major prefectural roads in Yamaguchi exceeds 10,000. If the road is closed due to a disaster, it will have a negative impact of 30 million yen or more a day. The following are the main examples.

(1) Time to detour and extra gasoline cost (2) Reduced number of business days and visits due to disaster (3) Local economy that is stagnant due to the inability to use the money that was originally used ...
If the road is closed for one month, it will affect the local economy by about 1 billion yen.
If a mountain collapses, it needs to be healed as soon as possible.


Aging. The evolution of the car.
Reduce accidents at safety facilities and protect your hometown.


​The declining birthrate and aging population are becoming more prominent.
Half of the population over the age of 75 has a driver's license and drives a car.
About one-fourth of the voluntary returners of a driver's license are due to an accident, a drowsiness, or a loss of confidence in driving. However, about half of the people who voluntarily return the car are inconvenient to live without a car, and the pleasure of driving a car is lost.
The number of foreign drivers' licenses issued is also increasing rapidly. The driver situation is also changing.
We must maintain an infrastructure that facilitates safe driving.


It has been 50 years since many roads and bridges were built.
Extend your life and protect your hometown.

The cost of building new roads and bridges is decreasing year by year. Conversely, the cost of maintaining and renewing roads and bridges is increasing.
After 2037, it is predicted that the expected financial situation will be insufficient for infrastructure maintenance and renewal costs.
High quality construction must be done to extend the life of renewed roads and bridges. It is much cheaper to repair prophylactically before it breaks than to fix it after it breaks.
Really good roads and good bridges can only be made if the staff involved are happy.

Everyone is happy  Let's make a good company together!

​What kind of company is a happy company?
Good salary, stable company, good vacation, sense of meaning in work, pride in work, improvement of employees' skills through work, colleagues working together Helping with work and getting help ...
In the morning, I think I'll do my best today as well ... I want to create a company like this.

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