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The proposition and realization of the three missions above are our strengths.

A short construction period is made possible by detailed pre-construction surveys and scheduling.

Based on detailed coordination with the project owner, we coordinate work processes with other related sectors and select those plans and construction methods that take into account the weather, local residents and the surrounding environment. The construction period is shortened by efficient scheduling of the construction plans, based on a thorough assumption, examination and consideration of every potential challenge on site.


Pursuit of new technology and new materials , and development of unique products to lower costs.

With the know-how accumulated through our experience as a specialized construction company along with our utilization of evolving construction technologies and materials, we offer construction services at a modest cost while retaining the quality of work. In addition, our original product, MM Reflectors, which has been developed as a highly functional and low cost alternative, has been employed at construction sites.

Committed,quality work achieved with service that has been ranked among the highest in performance evaluations.

Quality construction can be achieved using proper site management through close communication with the client. Our experienced professionals offer proposals and alternative solutions based on the site conditions and cost, and then supervise the construction processes to complete the construction objectives. Keeping the construction objectives in mind enables the quality and form of the finished work to be controlled. Such efforts allowed us to win several excellent construction awards in Yamaguchi prefecture.

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