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Corresponding to the changes of thr times and the environment.And contribute to the develepment of the region through infrastructure development.

Thank you very much for visiting the website of Mikado Kousetsu Co., Ltd. We have developed our businesses mainly in Yamaguchi Prefecture since the company was established in 1978.The importance of the construction industry has changed due to recent changes in the environment. In terms of the decreasing birthrate and aging population, accident prevention measures are now in demand to help increase the number of elderly drivers. As vehicles become capable of automatic driving by virtue of technological innovation, infrastructural development will be necessary to support these new functions. In terms of climate changes (e.g., localized torrential downpours, typhoons, tsunami, heavy snowfalls and earthquakes), there is demand for preparation and improvement of disaster prevention/reduction infrastructures as well as restoration of these infrastructures after a disaster has struck.Macro-economically, the need for productivity improvement of the Japanese economy is increasing in order to restrict the GDP decline caused by the decrease in the productive-age population. Infrastructure improvement is one way to boost the economy. For example, a reduction in travel time allows tourist sites to expand their market and products to be delivered faster. Maintaining the original freshness of regional produce also becomes possible. The economic effects provided by the construction industry (i.e., stock effects – long-term economic effects derived by public works throughout the life of a piece of infrastructure, and flow effects – short-term economic effects of public works in the regional community) contribute greatly to improving productivity of the Japanese economy.

Our main businesses, such as construction of traffic safety facilities, slope protection construction and maintenance construction of existing structures, play important roles in response to these new environmental changes. In order to satisfy the expectations of our clients, we create deliverables with a high factor of safety by applying thorough quality and shape controls of both visible and invisible components. Through such activities, we are moving forward with the development of technologies and the accumulation of knowledge and know-how that will provide safety and security for years to come. With our constant pursuit of new methods and materials, we put efforts into accomplishing our work with the flexibility to respond to changes in society.


As a new initiative, we would like to offer Japanese technologies and knowledge overseas. We will try our best to improve infrastructure both in Japan and abroad by making use of our professional expertise in detailed process control, construction methods with emphasis on high quality and a reduced environmental burden, maintaining relationships with members of the community and creating a safe work environment for workers. In addition, we would like to respond to the demands of our clients by developing and providing products, and introducing techniques that meet the local requirements.

Our construction works are directly related to the safety and security of our daily lives. We take our role seriously in establishing the foundations for safety. We appreciate your continuous support of our company as each one of us enhances our awareness and abilities, contributing to the development of a flourishing community by creating better infrastructures with our reliable skills.

Kazuhiko Yoshino, President and CEO
Mikado Kousetsu Co., Ltd.


Management Philosophy
Contribute to the community by satisfying our clients with quality work.

Work excellence (safety, construction period and quality) is what defines our company’s existence and is also a never-ceasing challenge in satisfying expectations of our clients (local residents as well as the project owner).

Excellent Construction Awards

Excellent Construction AwardsFY2010 Road Improvement Work on the Prefectural Road, Yamaguchi-Ube Line,Section 46, Site Representative Kazuhiko YoshinoNovember 18, 2013FY2012 Steep Slope Failure Prevention Work (Social Capital Improvement Grant Program) in the Fukuura Area No. 2, Section 1, Site Representative Hiroshi Asahara


Company Information

■ Member of Japan Slope Protection Association (JSPA)

■ Member of JSPA Yamaguchi

■ Member of Yamaguchi Traffic Safety Facilities Association

■ Japan Contractors Association of Traffic Signs and Lane Markings

Company Name

Mikado Kousetsu Co., Ltd.

Fiscal year-end


Representative director

Kazuhiko Yoshino

Contact information

Phone number.81-83-227-2662 ˜ FAX number.81-83-227-2735


Date founded

June 1978


20,000,000 yen

Number of employees

15 (excluding executives)

Correspondent financial institution

Yamaguchi Bank Shinshimonoseki Ekimae Branch,

Nishi-Chugoku Shinkin Bank Ichinomiya Branch

Construction License

License issued by the Governor of Yamaguchi Prefecture

(Toku-27) No. 8571

Classification of permit types

Public works, scaffold/construction works, coating works

Business summary

●Traffic safety facilities construction
 Road signs, pavement markings, guardrails, traffic safety mirrors,  safety nets, tunnel interior coating, anti-skid resin pavement
●Slope protection construction
 Rock fall prevention net works, greening works,

 mortar shotcreting, shotcrete grid beams, various anchoring works
●Structure maintenance construction
 Restoration of concrete cross sections, surface impregnation,

 crack injections, joint works, etc.
 Urban landscape facilities, park facilities, bridge painting,

 other general painting

Certified Management Systems

● ISO9001 MSA-QS-1560

● ISO14001 MSA-ES-818

● OHSAS18001 MSA-SS-55

Access Information

5-4-6 Kamitanakamachi, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi 750-0009, Japan (link to Google Maps)

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