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Field manager (site management) Permanent employee

You will be involved in traffic safety facility construction, slope protection construction, and site supervision work.
The site is mainly in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Please use the company's work vehicle to move.

Qualifications for recruitment

Qualifications: Ordinary driver's license (AT not limited)
Experience: No questions asked Education: High school graduate or above

Working hours

8: 00-17: 00
Overtime: 15 hours per month on average


Sundays, holidays, etc. 2 days a week system: According to the company calendar * Annual paid leave after 6 months is 10 days.
Annual holiday: 105 days


Monthly salary: 200,000 yen to 350,000 yen * Salary will be consulted depending on experience.

Salary increase

can be


Twice a year (3.00 months in total)
* Results from the previous year

Work treatment

Enrollment insurance: Employment, work-related accidents, health, welfare, retirement allowance mutual aid

System / Initiative

Retirement allowance system, license acquisition support, employee travel, overseas training system, etc.


Private car commuting: Possible Free parking available Retirement age (65 years old) ・ Reemployment: Available


Entry form

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