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To the fielder who loves Yamaguchi

Our infrastructure keeper
The company you need for your hometown
Let's make it together!


Recruiting executives of our company 10 years from now
Inexperienced people are welcome!

Our company has accumulated various systems and achievements in order to cultivate each and every employee.
It is a company that can continue to work with peace of mind because it is a debt-free management and sound finance .

The construction industry is a proud job to protect the area! Click here for our achievements!

01 01

(Including year-end and New Year holidays and summer)

105 days of annual holidays !

02 02

Paid leave desired acquisition rate

Over 90 % !

03 03

License acquisition support

Obtaining related qualifications

Full grant!

04 04

Most in the same industry

Excellent construction commendation

5 times !

05 05

Implementation of regular bonuses

Twice a year !

06 06

Share profits with everyone ! Settlement bonus available

(Realized in the past 4 terms)

07 07

Working style reform is being practiced!

Recommendation for taking consecutive vacations !

08 08

Overseas training system

Subsidiary in Myanmar

What do you do for work?
For money? For a hobby? That's important, but

​ I want a sense of mission and satisfaction


I made this homepage because I want to convey our work.

Mikado is an infrastructure keeper who maintains, repairs and protects the local infrastructure.
The job of protecting the community is a very valuable and proud job.

The roads created will have a great economic effect during their lifetime.
Roads that are safe and fast can turn the economy faster,
Delivery can be done quickly, and the number of sales can be increased a little more ...
You can call tourists farther away.

What if the road is closed due to a landslide?
Everyone has no choice but to detour.
It will take more time and use more fuel.
A one-week closure on a major road in a region costs about hundreds of millions of yen.
As a result, you will incur significant financial losses.

Our job is to protect the roads that are the foundation of our important economy .
In other words, we are infrastructure keepers who protect the region.

We are now looking for an infrastructure keeper to protect our favorite area.
Everyone who joins the company after seeing this does not need to know anything.
Work with us and get them to become future executives .

No experience is also a big welcome!
People who are curious and able to communicate, people who can do their jobs seriously,
We welcome people who are physically fit and healthy!
People with a fear of heights may have a hard time at the scene, but why not try it first?

Of the future infrastructure keeperI'm waiting for you .


<​ A company that can continue to work forever >




<Although the work is tough ​ real ability  Is attached>


<very  Rewarding  There is a job>


Representative message


Even if you are over 35 years old and come from another industry
A company that can remember work
​ Shingo Nakano

I joined the company in June 2017.
It was a job I had never done before, so I was very anxious, but I was able to do it because there were senior employees around me who always taught me.
The construction industry is a very profound job . Even if the construction content is the same, the site conditions are different at all sites, so there are differences in what you have to think about and what you should pay attention to.
The more experience you have, the more you can devise in your own way.
And as a result, I am very proud of the radiant feeling when the orderer evaluates it.


I want to stay in Shimonoseki , where I have a lot of friends and friends.
Shohei Yamamoto , a company that has less overtime and matches your lifestyle

I didn't choose a major company because I wanted to stay in the local area, but I chose our company, which is closely related to the local area. I want to acquire the technology to eat, so I am doing the construction of road attachment equipment on site, centering on the construction of lane markings .
The ease of driving changes depending on how the road is drawn, and the auxiliary equipment such as reflectors can reduce the driving stress and accidents of drivers in the area by using materials and arrangement methods according to the site. I feel that it is a very important job. The most fulfilling moment is when you look back at the site and check the finish when the construction is completed.
There is not much overtime, and I usually leave the office before 18:00. You can also work overtime for all working hours from early departure to midnight. In my private time, I go out drinking with my friends and form a softball team to get together. It is helpful to have a stable company and a good balance between public and private.



I want to improve the skills of myself and my employees.
Shintaro Ogiwara

It's been 16 years since I joined the company. Now, as a section chief of the construction department, I manage many sites . I was also the third recipient of our excellent construction award , following President Yoshino and Managing Director Asahara. We believe that receiving the Excellent Construction Award is extremely valuable as a site management engineer.
It is positioned as a certificate of a well-balanced engineer, and I was very happy when I received the award. It was a moment when I was praised for my hard work and realized that I was getting better.
Currently, we are focusing on responding to new site management methods and construction types. In addition, we are conscious of handing down the necessary skills as a site manager to newly hired employees.


At first, everyone is a beginner .
Young employees are welcome!

Currently, Mikado is looking for the following occupations.
When you enter, we will accept it in the form.
If you have any questions, please call us.


Entry form

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